Powerful Clean if you wear grease for lunch, and look good for dinner.

Lemon, Orange, and Natural Scents
Liquid and bar

UE has TEN times the strength of normal soaps. Seriously. TEN.

Small Batches

We make small amounts. If we're out of stock, we'll let you know when we have more. Just leave us your email.

What's That Smell ?


Can you taste coriander (cilantro) without spitting it out?  A quarter of humanity can't.

It's genetics.  Some people have a gene that makes them sensitive to certain natural chemicals.


The same thing happens with our soap.  There's an ingredient (Compound B to make things simple) that is natural and extremely good for you and your tummy.

But some people don't like the smell.

We understand.  It's okay.  Don't use it.  Better yet, don't buy it.

But know this.  Compound B helps with immunity and inflammation, and even cancer.  It is so good that we encourage everyone to try and get over those feelings.  We think health should be a priority over nasty smells.

So, consider this a WARNING.  A good warning.

Uncle Earl's has a strong smell for some people, a smell they might not like.  But it's because it's good for you.

And if you can't smell it (like most people, including myself) you're going to be that much better off.


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All our Products

All our Products

Everything that's currently active.  Does not mean it's in stock.  We make... 

Hands Are Your Most Expensive Tools

High quality tools demand high quality care. UE treats your skin like high value tooling. First time. Every time. Hands down.

Feedback From our Friends

I find it's also tremendous for shaving. Doug

"I've been using your soap for about a year now. While it's a great soap, I find it's also tremendous for shaving. It's so good I haven't bought shaving cream in months!" Doug

I liked the way it made my hands feel. Dr. Bob

"Thank you very much for sending the 2 bars of unscented hypoallergenic soap. I started using it for my hands just yesterday. I liked the way it made my hands feel. The next step will be to use it for a shower. A couple of years ago my dermatologist recommended that I use a special soap called Cetaphil—which is apparently less harsh and drying than the various commercial soaps.
My initial impression is that your soap is easier on my 83+ year old skin than the Cetaphil. Since I have multiple allergies the fact that they are unscented and hypoallergenic immediately inspired my confidence. For most of the past year when I shower I have used no soap at all—just water. This also worked—at least none of my friends disowned me for having a bad body odor.
Again thank you for sending the soap and I will contact you again after some more use." Dr. Bob

... you have a wonderful product on your hands ... Mary

"The soap is amazing! My hands are healthier when using your soap than when I am not using your soap. I can say that honestly because I use the soap when I am at work during the week but, I don't have your soap at home over the weekends. There is a BIG difference in the look and feel of my hands when I come back to work on Mondays. When I use your soap, my hands become much softer and they feel healthier (because the cracks in my skin begin to heal). I think you have a wonderful product on your hands." Mary

... took the marker stain out like it was water color paint. Mark

"A pair of my son's school uniform pants, khaki, had been stained with a black marker. I tried everything we had in the laundry room – pre-soak with detergent, an oxy spray, a couple of washings – and the stain was still there. I was about to throw the pants out when I remembered from this web site that some people had had success using Uncle Earl's to remove stains from clothes. It didn't sound too likely but there was nothing to lose. Sure enough, just a little Uncle Earl's, lathered up, took the marker stain out like it was water color paint. Thanks Uncle Earl's – you saved me about $25." Mark

Makers are the Future

We believe in this newest generation of public facing engineers of all sorts. Xyla Foxlin and Naomi Wu are two stars we encourage you to follow. Let us know if there are more to crow about, and we'll send them a free gallon of UE.

Tell Us More

... this product leaves a soothing lotion feeling to my hands ... Phillip

"I have used numerous hand/foam soaps at work and this one is among one of the best I have ever used. Some of the soaps I have used left my hands really dry to where I would have to apply lotion during the day to help from getting crack/dry knuckles. My knuckles really get dry in the winter that they even bleed. I can tell that this product leaves a soothing lotion feeling to my hands that other soaps just don't do. I work for the phone company in Houston, Texas and I can honestly tell you that I get very dirty. I set up in manholes in the street and come out of them feeling filthy. I even wear gloves and at some point while working they come off and my hands are not easy to clean up. I ran across Uncle Earl's and I must honestly say that my purchase was a great one. I wash my hands numerous times at work, and the soap works great cutting through." Phillip

My hands aren't as dry. Robert

"Thank you very much. The soap is working great. My hands aren't as dry. I also used it on my feet after a hard day of work and it has worked wonders. ACES to Uncle Earl's soap." Robert

... my hands are cleaner, softer, and healthier ... Dave

"I've been using Earl's soap for the past few months, and my hands are cleaner, softer, and healthier than they've ever been before." Dave

... de-skunking a 30 lb dog ... Sydney

"Thanks for the generous supply of Unk Earls. I have an additional use, de-skunking a 30 lb dog at 11pm. After the online formula of peroxide baking soda and dish detergent wasn't enough to quell the odor I shampooed her with UE and believe that saved her from banishment to the hinter lands. She (Lucky Pup) is very grateful." Sydney

What They Say ...

... my rough hands ...

"Our daughter got me two bars of Uncle Earl's for my birthday and it really works well. My wife said she had despaired of ever getting me to do anything about my rough hands till I started using Uncle Earl's." William

I just love your soap... Donna

"I have to say I just love your soap my husband had issues for years with dry cracked bleeding hands from washing them so much. I've been buying it for awhile now." Donna

... psoriasis and dry skin ...

"I'm an experienced machinist with an immuno-deficiency disease, psoriasis and dry skin on top of that. After using Uncle Earl's I won't use anything else. I'm buying 4 cases to pass out to family." Don

Fragrance Details

Our Lemon has a hint of Cedarwood, and our Orange has a hint of clove. Makes life a little more interesting.