Gold Standard in Soap

Natural soap normally takes months to make. Hot Process soap is faster, but hard. We know how to handle heat. And great things come from our cauldron.

FREE Gold Machining Insert Soap

Our First Ever FREE Giveaway!

One-Of-A-Kind,Never-Seen-Before Gold Bar soap!

UE insert soap

We've made a few of these gold bar machining insert soaps, in various shapes.   Add your name to our email list this month, and at the end of July we'll choose a few names and send out your free soap.  Questions?  Feel free to ask.

By the way, it weighs in around one to two ounces.  Only one per person.  The drawing will be held in early August.  As always, thanks from the Team UE.


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All our Products

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Hands Are Your Most Expensive Tools

High quality tools demand high quality care. UE treats your skin like high value tooling. First time. Every time. Hands down.

Feedback From our Friends

I'll definitely be adding Uncle Earl's to my own laundry arsenal! Sue

"I'm one of 'the moms' cheering alongside Ron at the baseball games. He loaned me a bar of Uncle Earl's after a particularly muddy game and I was amazed at the results. I'll definitely be adding Uncle Earl's to my own laundry arsenal!" Sue

It actually works great. Rick

"I thought of you guys last night. I changed the wheel bearings in my boat trailer and tried your soap. It actually works great." Rick

I find it's also tremendous for shaving. Doug

"I've been using your soap for about a year now. While it's a great soap, I find it's also tremendous for shaving. It's so good I haven't bought shaving cream in months!" Doug

Using Uncle Earl's has helped a lot. Kim

"Yes, I like your soap. I have been using 'Old Masters' for artists. I probably wash my hands 50 times per kidding! I have 3 little ones that need help in the bathroom, the oil painting and then there is my gardening and other household duties. I found the best thing after washing is to rub a little olive oil into my hands and then pat my palms so they aren't slippery. Otherwise, I get cracked skin. Using Uncle Earl's has helped a lot." Kim

Makers are the Future

We believe in this newest generation of public facing engineers of all sorts. Xyla Foxlin and Naomi Wu are two stars we encourage you to follow. Let us know if there are more to crow about, and we'll send them a free gallon of UE.

Tell Us More

Dude, it's like having vacation hands at the end of every day! Andrew

"I bought our first batch of Uncle Earl's a month ago for my 10 technicians, and all the guys love it. Before, they all had dry cracking hands. Today the problem is gone. One of my guys came up to me the other day and said 'Dude, it's like having vacation hands at the end of every day!' " Andrew

... everyone had dry, cracked skin. ... those problems are gone. Rich

"Honestly, we've used the pumice based hand cleaners for years. Between that stuff and machine coolant, everyone had dry, cracked skin. With your liquid soap, those problems are gone. Love it." Rich

... de-skunking a 30 lb dog ... Sydney

"Thanks for the generous supply of Unk Earls. I have an additional use, de-skunking a 30 lb dog at 11pm. After the online formula of peroxide baking soda and dish detergent wasn't enough to quell the odor I shampooed her with UE and believe that saved her from banishment to the hinter lands. She (Lucky Pup) is very grateful." Sydney

I love it so much I don't want to use any other. Trudy

"I love your soap and will be replacing all our soap with it. I love it so much I don't want to use any other." Trudy

... my hands are cleaner, softer, and healthier ... Dave

"I've been using Earl's soap for the past few months, and my hands are cleaner, softer, and healthier than they've ever been before." Dave

Fragrance Details

Our Lemon has a hint of Cedarwood, and our Orange has a hint of clove. Makes life a little more interesting.

What They Say ...

... contact dermatitis from the hospital soaps ...

"It took me a bit to catch on to not rinsing the lotion in the soap completely off but after your email I was able to learn to leave my hands slippery. I had contact dermatitis from the hospital soaps I use leaving my fingers dry and cracked. My fingers on my hands after 3 weeks now look normal. I believe it is the sulfate-free and paraben-free nature of your soap and the oils that have done the trick. As a byproduct my nails are no longer cracking as easily as they used to and for the first time in 15 years my thumb nails have grown past the tip of my thumbs instead of cracking and peeling. Thank you!" Beatrice

... dirty, dry, and rough hands.

"I'm a dental hygienist, and my regular customer is a machinist. He normally has dirty, dry, and rough hands. One day he came in with much cleaner and softer hands and told me about Uncle Earl's soap. I got some for myself and my husband, and within a week we were both convinced." Melodie

... I hadn't gotten poison ivy even once.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love Uncle Earl's hand healing soap! My son-in-law gave me a pump dispenser of your soap last spring. I used it each time I came in from gardening and my hands take a beating with all the digging and weed pulling, etc. I wash my hands up to my elbows each time I come into the house trying to decrease my episodes of poison ivy. Not only did Uncle Earl's leave my hands feeling soft and smooth, but I realized after about a month of use that I hadn't gotten poison ivy even once. I usually get it several times a summer despite wearing gloves. I have large flower gardens and live near the woods so poison ivy often creeps into my gardens. What a great discovery for me! To not have to put up with itchy, unsightly poison ivy blisters is such a relief!!! This spring I didn't have any of the soap left and got poison ivy twice before I asked my son-in-law if he could get me some more Uncle Earl's. He did get some from you and I haven't had another exposure since. Thank you again for your wonderful product - the all natural ingredients are so gentle but very effective!" Pat