We buy entirely within the USA because that's good long term business.

Borax:  It's old-fashioned and strong.  Good stuff.  Some places have mountains of it.

Castor oil:  This has a reputation for making people gag, but it's strong.

Coconut oil:  Coconuts add a touch of sun and softness to our product.  Like chamfering the edges of a fine workpiece.

Nutmeg oil:  Another good source of complex oils, that we normally use nutmeg as a spice, like in our egg nog.  I have a killer recipe for egg nog, by the way

Potash (potasium hydroxide, or lye, or KOH for chemists):  This makes the magic happen.

Soybean oil:  Good base of many products, and very local.

Water (distilled):  Simple enough.