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Bar Soap - Natural Soap without added scent

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UE is strong, industrial-strength.


Once you try our soap, you'll demand it.

When you run out, you'll think about us.  That's what customers tell us.

It cleans easy, cleans fast, cleans deep.

Even if you wash as often as an ER nurse, your hands will still be soft, because we pack a lot of lotion.


Oh, yeah, follow CDC washing guidelines.

Ingredients are (in alphabetic order) Borax, Castor oils, Coconut oils, Nutmeg oils, Potash or Lye (consumed during production), Soybean oils, and distilled water.

By the way, our Hypoallergenic soaps used to be called "unscented" but the fact is some people can detect a musky scent.  So now we let you know they have "No Added Scent."  They are still the same hypoallergenic, unscented product we've always made.  Thanks for understanding.