What's That Smell ?


Can you taste coriander (cilantro) without spitting it out?  A quarter of humanity can't.

It's genetics.  Some people have a gene that makes them sensitive to certain natural chemicals.


The same thing happens with our soap.  There's an ingredient (Compound B to make things simple) that is natural and extremely good for you and your tummy.

But some people don't like the smell.

We understand.  It's okay.  Don't use it.  Better yet, don't buy it.

But know this.  Compound B helps with immunity and inflammation, and even cancer.  It is so good that we encourage everyone to try and get over those feelings.  We think health should be a priority over nasty smells.

So, consider this a WARNING.  A good warning.

Uncle Earl's has a strong smell for some people, a smell they might not like.  But it's because it's good for you.

And if you can't smell it (like most people, including myself) you're going to be that much better off.