Whats the Big Deal? Official Sales Pitch

Hi.  You're probably here because you work with your hands.  They're a critical asset, along with your brains, and your health.

You're also here because your hands get dirty.  You aren't afraid of dirt, grease, chemicals, oil paint, cement, whatever.  And wearing dirt to a dinner party isn't fashionable.

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Your brain knows all this, and it's concerned about your health.  And it also knows you're not happy with your current product.  Sure, it may clean your hands, but it probably leaves your hands raw, cracked, maybe worse.  You might even be using hand lotion to try and repair the damage.

We've got you covered.  Our formula is strong and non-abrasive.

  Clean Hands? Check.

UE also has lotion built in.  That's good for your skin.  Good for your health.

  Healthy Hands?  Check.

Finally, our product is concentrated.  With our liquid product, you can get as many washes per gallon as 10 gallons of the cheap stuff.  But since you only pay 10% of the shipping and waste handling, that means you save even more.  The same is true with our bars.  You'll find that they last much longer than typical bar soap, and don't melt away in the soap dish. 

These things mean your brain can be happy as well.

  Good Value?  Check.

That's it.  That's our pitch.  Lot's of people have tried it.  We hope that you will, too.



Oh, if you're still on the fence and are looking for reasons to NOT buy our soap.  We've made a list here to make your job easier.