Whats the big appeal?

Do you dream of getting dirty by yourself, by...
  • Rebuilding the engine in your classic car?
  • Gardening for hours?
  • Painting or sculpting?

Chances are your "free" time is spent cleaning up the bathroom where certain people have no concept of "clean" or "aim."

After you get dirty, you need to recuperate.  Your hands are filthy, and stressed.  You want them to be clean and healthy.  Can one product do it all?

Your private masseuse is holding your hands.  They caress you, gently lathering on lotion.  Not just any lotion, but a thick, luxurious, and cleansing lotion.  They rub your hands, back and forth.  They apply pressure on the thumb mound, and between your knuckles.  They rub your wrists.  Perhaps they even gently bend your fingers and wrist this way and that, kneading your muscles ever so delicately.

Time falls away as your hands melt into theirs.  Afterwards, your hands are clean, and seriously hydrated using natural lotion.  Your hands are radiant, luxurious, smooth.

Welcome to the soap of your dreams.  Our soap products are loaded with cleansing lotions that are good for your skin.  Sorry, the masseuse isn't included.

We guarantee that you will:
  • Get healthier skin,
  • Save time, and money,
  • Save scarce resources,
  • Gain confidence that comes by using natural ingredients, and get
  • Satisfaction that comes from knowing you're taking care of yourself while looking out for your children.

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And here's a video that might be of interest.

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