• Potent Virus Protection in a Bottle

    Here's something my friend Doug wrote up a few days ago: A couple of days ago I gave you a brief primer on how towash your hands. And if you’re was...
  • Wonderful Washing Hands Demo

    This is one of those demonstrations that is so wonderfully done that I wish I'd thought of it first.  But credit must be given to Mr. Harjinder Sin...
  • Advice from Ohio's Latest Hero

    A hero is someone who puts their life in danger for the sake of others.  Dr. Amy Acton, Directory of the Ohio Department of Public Health, is doing exactly that.  Please watch her fast video on the best way to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes CoViD-19.

  • Hand washing is science

    Hand washing is science.  Before 1800, no one washed their hands.  But it took one smart person to see that washing hands made a difference to everyone's health.
  • DIY experiment shows the power of hand washing over sanitizers

    a simple do it yourself experiment showing how much better hand washing is than sanitizers for keeping your hands germ-free
  • Preparing for the CoViD-19 pandemic

    the pandemic is coming, and this is how you can prepare
  • How to keep your hands clean – without getting dry skin

    how to wash your hands without making the skin dry and cracked
  • Hand Soap beats hand sanitizers

    hand washing beats hand sanitizers using alcohol with triclosan
  • Cleveland Clinic Recommends

    Cleveland Clinic recommends that you wash your hands as the best defense against COVID-19.
  • Bonnie Henry and Washing like you mean it

    Need motivation for washing your hands?

    Try touching a jalapeno and then your eyes.

    Start scrubbing.

  • Some good stories about how the US of A is responding to SARS-CoV2 CoViD-19 Coronavirus

    Breaking News! Vaccine is years away.  Washing hands is your best defense.
  • Luxurious Hand Washing

    proper way to wash your hands to prevent the spread of infectious disease from the centers for disease control