Welcome to the Liabra Shaving Challenge for Women

Shaving isn’t fun, especially if there is no lubrication between you and the blade.

Liabra bar soap is the best moisturizing shaving soap. [see footnote] Liabra is loaded with moisturizers that protect your skin while shaving, and keep it smooth and healthy afterwards.

Regular soaps are effective in removing dirt but don't protect your skin. That’s why many people suffer from razor burn, cuts, and even hair root infections.

We know Liabra is the best shaving soap, but we want to prove it to the world.  To do that, we're putting serious money on the table.

First: Purchase a four-pack sample (one of each of our fragrances), and tell us how to follow you. No, this isn’t a trick to get you to buy some of our product. It officially starts the process and helps us track your social posts. You can get your money back at any time if you’re unhappy. This also means you’re quitting the challenge.

Second: Start using Liabra and post your observations at least once a week. This is important.

Third: After 3 months we’re going to review all the posts in the same order that Liabra was purchased. That’s why the order is important.

Fourth: The first 10 women who post about the experience at least once per week will get $1000 plus the purchase price of Liabra. No tricks. No requirement that they be positive. We want honesty.

Fifth: That’s it. There is no “fifth.” No gimmicks. No tricks. We just want honest feedback. We’ve been using Liabra ourselves for years, and it’s improved our shave and extended the life of our blades. So now it’s time to see if it works for the rest of the world.

And, since we’re men, we also know the most discerning comments will come from women. That’s why we’re looking for feminine feedback.

As men, we’d never heard of the pink tax. If you haven’t, here’s a great video of Desi Lydic talking about it on the Daily Show.

Basically, the Pink Tax means that women pay more for razors than men.  And razors aren’t cheap to begin with.

By using a product that extends the life of your razor just a little bit means that you’re paying the same amount (per shave) than men.

By using a product that doubles the life of your razor (we think it’s possible) then you’re saving a lot of money.

So we’re doing our tiny bit to help you fight the pink tax. We have used Liabra for many years, and our blade life is a lot longer. We don’t want to tell you how long so as not to spoil these results. But we can’t wait to see what the real world has to say.

Liabra[Footnote: Liabra is just the name we’ve come up with for the moment. We don’t really know what to call our shaving soap that is going to be made specifically for women. We’re hoping someone out there in the internet can help us come up with something better. For now, it’s the best we’ve got.]