UE and the Close Shave - a story of lubrication and looking good

One of the most surprising stories that came out of our using the product in the early days was from an unexpected corner.  In truth, it came out of the garage.

For those in a hurry, here's the short version.

Uncle Earl's soap is great for shaving.  That's it.

Many people use it for shaving now, over the past ten years that we can pretty much guarantee the following statements:

  • Closer shave.
  • Smoother shave.
  • Better feeling skin afterwards.  This means less rash for softer skin, ladies.
  • A few extra days between shaving legs.
  • Longer razor blade lifetimes.  Seriously.

Regarding razor blade lifetimes, I could do a whole post about that alone.  But here's the short version of this statement.  I buy a fancy 6 blade shaver that I used to use daily.  With my normal soap or shaving cream, I got a month out of it before my face started getting nicked, or hairs were getting ingrown.

Once I started using UE, I was able to use a brand new razor for almost THREE months.  I couldn't believe it.  In fact, I almost didn't until I saw that I'd (accidentally) saved the receipt.  Three months!

So I started tracking my razor blade use.  I have all the data if you'd really like to see it.  Anyway, it was valid.  I could get three months out of every razor blade before I had to change it.  And razors aren't cheap like they used to be.  I spent $75 at CVS for 8 replacement heads to do the test.  And the good news is that those blades lasted two years.

So if you want to spend $100 a year for shavers, use the regular soaps.  If you want to spend only $35, then use UE.  It's better for your skin, you get a better shave, you save money.  And perhaps most importantly, you save TIME.

So, that's the short story.  Here's the long one.

Back when UE was brand new, I had a buddy living in a garage (yes, truly) out in a fancy place in California where real estate was sky high.  That's why he was living in someones "furnished" garage.

I sent him 80 bars of soap.  Mostly to see if he could find a way to sell them, but also so that he had a decent supply of soap.  If you knew my friend, you'd also know that he doesn't always clean himself as much as he should.

Some months after I'd sent him the soap, and forgotten all about it, he called me one day.

"Dude," he said.  "Dude, you're not going to believe this."  I asked him to go on.  "Your soap is totally excellent for shaving."

He was right, I didn't believe him.

About a year went by.  My friend kept telling me about how great UE was for shaving, but I still didn't try it myself.  Until one fateful day.  Everyone knows about that fateful day.

 standard multi-bladed razor with replaceable heads

It's the day you run out of your "thing."

Maybe it's your tampon, or toilet paper.  And you realize it when you NEED IT.

In my case it was shaving cream.  I was getting ready for work, face wet, shaver at the ready, and I realized there was no cream.  Zip.

I looked at my bar of UE in the soap dish, thought about my friend, shrugged (really, I did!) and soaped up my face and started scraping away.  And I didn't think about it after that.

Being lazy (it's one of my strengths, at least, that's what I tell my wife) I didn't bother buying any more shave cream.  And I kept shaving with Earls.  And shaving, and shaving.  Didn't think about it.

Again, being lazy (did I mention that?), I would only change out my shaver once my blades started pulling the hairs too hard, or when my face started getting nicked.  Well, one day that started happening.  So I got ready to change my shaver head.

That's when it struck me.  I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I changed the shaver head.  I used to do it around the beginning of the month.  One month was a good stretch for one razor head.  But I wasn't sure when I'd changed this one.

I looked in my cabinet, and crazily enough the receipt was still there.  OK, I don't throw away things as much as I should.  Did I mention I was a bit lazy?

The date was three months earlier.  The blade was new when I ran out of shaving cream.  Yes, I could have bought cream then, but wasn't smart enough.  And a good thing I didn't.

Three months.  Three months on one shaver head.  So I started using a new head, only this time I wrote the date on the package it came in.  And forgot about it.  Shaving every day.  Until it started nicking me again.

Three months later.

I did this for several years before getting passionate about it, and to this day the whole family shaves with UE. Everyone at work does it as well.  The daughter of the guy who makes most of our soap says it gives her two extra days between shaving her legs.

This is so cool.  Our product pays for itself simply as a shaving soap.

But how does it work?

Since our company has an industrial past, and since we are involved with metal cutting and chemical lubrication, we have a particular insight into the process.  It's more complicated than you might think, but here's the slick version.

Since UE soap is filled with lotions, the skin becomes hydrated, making it smoother and stronger.  The same lotions are able to coat the little hairs so that they are also softer, which means they become easier to cut.  Finally, the exact same lotions put a microscopic coating on the razor blade itself.  This means that at the tiniest of tiny scales, it's not the actual steel that is sliding on your face, but a gentle bit of lotion instead.

It's that gentle bit of lotion that is able to cut into that softer hair, sliding on top of smoothing, stronger skin that ends up giving you a closer, softer, and less expensive shave.

So, if all you do is buy UE to try it for shaving, go for it.  I'm confident enough to guarantee your satisfaction.  Money back guarantee, like in the old days (less S&H, sorry.)