Drug Facts

Here are the drug facts for our products, as required by US regulations under the FD&C acts.

Active Ingredient and Purpose:

Butanoic Acid (CAS107926) ... immune booster, mitochondrial enhancer


Hygiene, cleaning and sanitation of skin.  See "Other Uses" panel for more information.


None. there are no known reactions to using this naturally occurring compound.  If you have concerns, consult your doctor.  Keep out of reach of children.  If ingested, contact Poison Control at 800-222-1222.

Directions for Use:

In all cases, use small amounts.  Compound B (tm) can be rubbed into dry or wetted skin, to be washed or toweled off.  It can also be applied as a lotion when used in very small amounts.  Washing is optional.

Other Information:

Store in a cool, shady location.  If any natural separation occurs, allow to warm and shake gently.

Inactive Ingredients:

DI water, natural oils (soybean, coconut, castor, nutmeg), borax, and potash (consumed during production).

Questions or Comments:


Use by:

Within 5 years of the manufacturing year as indicated by the first two numbers of the lot code.

Other Uses (referenced from above):

Compound B (tm) is crazy strong, with our base product smelling of musk with hints of patchouli.  (Other scented versions are so indicated on their labels, but are made with the same base product.) Compound B is good for your skin, your immune system, your energy levels and more.  Compound B is biome friendly, helping your skin sustain its own oils and fight infection.  Natural sanitizing products like Compound B use amphiphilic chemistry and are preferred by doctors.  Compound B (tm) reduces bacterial loads at least a thousands times when following CDC guidelines for hand washing.  Normal settling of natural oils occurs when product is cold.  Warm slowly and shake gently to remix.  Made in the USA.