We are anti-viral. Check this out!

We use high-end ingredients and are very careful about quality.  But we are anti-microbial.  We are anti-bacterial.  We're even anti-viral.  Naturally.  Please follow CDC guidelines for proper washing!

We aren't cheap.  But buying quality means you can wash often and your skin won't keep cracking and hurting and bleeding.

If your skin is already dry and hurting, using our soap will help it heal.  Because our soap is packed with lotion.  Naturally.

Our soap is strong because we designed it to be used in factories.  Big, noisy, grimy places where the dirt is constant and the cracks go deep.

Strong soap means you clean deep.  You clean fast.  You clean easy.  And you are confident in getting those deep buggers that might bite you in the end.

That's our secret.  Strong soap.  Lots of lotion.  We guarantee you that washing never felt so good.

Try us.  You'll be happy you did.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.