Recent inquiry March 2020

This question came in from one of our customers:

I have used your liquid soap for several years after discovering it at the market. It has made a huge difference to my dry cracked cuticles and fingertips. Since many people are washing their hands more often now in response to the virus threat, they are experiencing more dry hand discomfort. Before recommending your soap to friends, I need to know how effective it is compared to other soaps for removing virus germs. It there a difference between liquid, foam or bar for germ removal? Which product, if any, do you recommend for full body use in a shower?

From: CA


Hello CA,

  • Thank you for your wonderful email.  The good news is that our soap is strong.
  • Add lotion to the mix, and as you already know, your hand health doesn't suffer.
  • However (and this is our Honest streak showing) no one that we know of tests different kinds of soaps against viruses.  Certainly no one is going to test our soap against the coronavirus spreading through the world.
  • Here's the real good news.
  • According to the CDC and WHO, soap is your best defense in general.  Even better than alcohol sanitizers.
  • So keep washing.  And yes, you can recommend us to your friends with confidence.  We will be AT LEAST as powerful as any other soap out there.
  • As for your other questions, I assure you that all the formulations are equally powerful.
  • However we're going to focus on making only the liquid 1/2 gallons and the bars for a while in order to get more product to the market.
  • Also, I prefer using the bar in the shower, but I know some who like the liquid.  I have a feeling that it's a very personal choice!

With great pleasure,
Steve @ Uncle Earl's