Some good stories about how the US of A is responding to SARS-CoV2 CoViD-19 Coronavirus

Wired has some good stories about what the United States is doing to try and slow down the spread of the new coronavirus.

Here's the twitter version of those articles.

No vaccine can be created quickly.  This is an entirely new virus that has come from the animal world, and that presents even greater problems.  There's even a story of a dog in Hong Kong who gave it to its owner.  So don't expect anything for a couple of years, maybe more.

Washing your hands is the best prevention.  If you even SUSPECT someone of being sick, don't touch ANYTHING around them.  Coughing can contaminate surfaces up to ten feet away (that's 3 meters).  A team in Singapore found that light switches in the hospital room of a mildly infected patient were contaminated with the virus.

The first lesson they learned was to sanitize EVERYTHING in a patient's room.  The second lesson?

WASH your HANDS.  That's what this product and this site is all about.  And if you're going to be a dedicated hand washer, why not enjoy yourself.  Try our product.  It's strong, and it's loaded with lotion that will make your hands happier.  Happy hands can stay clean longer, and presumably healthier.  That means resisting infection.  So treat yourself today!