Preparing for the CoViD-19 pandemic

This is a great article about what is NOT now, but will probably soon be, a pandemic.  It's rather long, so I'm going to summarize it for you.  I urge you to read it anyway, but for those in a hurry, here's what it says:

The virus is coming to you and your community, eventually.  Don't panic.  Take precautions, such as good hand washing, covering your mouth, not touching your face with your hands, and being vigilant.  DON'T stockpile products, but be prepared for a two week "stay-cation."  The vast majority of people come through their SARS2 experience unscathed, and many don't even notice it.  BUT... if your condition looks like it might be getting serious, DON'T HESITATE to call for help.

 Here's another good paragraph right from the article:

REMEMBER: As long as the virus circulates, and as long as you have never been infected, you are susceptible to infection resulting in COVID-19. This will be the case for the rest of your life until you have been infected which should protect you from severe disease. COVID-19 is mostly a mild illness but can cause severe pneumonia in approximately 20% of cases, leading to hospitalization for weeks and in a portion of these cases, to death.

And here's a wonderful image on how to properly wash your hands, also from the website (courtesy of WHO it seems):