Potent Virus Protection in a Bottle

Here's something my friend Doug wrote up a few days ago:

A couple of days ago I gave you a brief primer on how to
wash your hands.

And if you’re washing them as much as you should in this
age of the coronavirus, chances are they’re drying out

They might even be cracking a little.

This drying and cracking happens because washing your
hands strips natural oils from them.

This is no good, as cracked hands gives bacteria an entry
point into your body.

You don’t want that…

So you essentially have three choices.

1. Use a moisturizer after you wash your hands

2. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer instead of soap

3. Use a moisturizing soap

I opt for the third option.

I don’t like to use alcohol-based sanitizers because they can
dry your hands out even more. Worse, they can cause itching,
flaking, redness and - of course - cracks.

And while using moisturizers after you wash your hands will
get rid of dryness, they’re messy… and of course they add
another step (and expense) to the process of ensuring healthy

So what I do is use a moisturizing soap.

But not just any soap – I use Uncle Earl’s Natural Hand Sanitizing

This powerful germ-busting hand sanitizer not only
kills bacteria and the coronavirus that causes COVID-19,
it removes dirt, grease and grime as well as any soap
on the market.

That includes those harsh “pumice-based” soaps – the
ones you find in factories and machine shops (if you’ve
ever worked in manufacturing, you probably know what
I’m talking about).

Yes, those products are great at cleaning even the dirtiest
of hands, but they can leave them feeling like sandpaper.

In fact, many machine shops, factories, and auto repair
shops in Northeast Ohio (where Uncle Earl’s is produced)
have replaced their dispensers of pumice-based soap with
Uncle Earl’s because it’s so much gentler on your hands…
yet still gets out the grossest grime imaginable *fast.*

Use Uncle Earl’s hand sanitizer for awhile and you’ll see
what I mean.

(It’s so gentle I use it to shave my face!)

Until now, Uncle Earl’s has been primarily available in select
locations in Northeast Ohio, but the creator – my friend Steve who
produced the coronavirus video I shared with you a couple
of days ago – is now rolling it out nationwide.

* If you missed that video, or would just like to see it again,
just go to - https://youtu.be/-j49hfGfna8

So, if you want to give Uncle Earl’s a try, go to this web page:

Well that’s it for today.

Stay safe out there… and remember to wash your hands!

To your health,
Doug Fogel
Natural Wealth, Natural Health