Luxurious Hand Washing

A good friend forwarded this article to me about the proper way to wash our hands during this virus crisis.

The Centers for Disease Control has a method that works best.  If you have detergents, or even alcohol, it works.  Heck, it even kind of works if you only have water.

But the best method is to use something that is real soap, and can also take care of your hands at the same time.  And that's what our Uncle Earl's concentrated soap / lotion can do.  After 20 seconds of intense scrubbing, your hands will feel like you've been soaking them in a hand lotion.  You have!

Now, we're not making any claims that have been tested in a laboratory.  But we are counting on centuries of common sense where people had nothing but real soap.  We make it the old fashioned way using some modern technology.

And there's no reason why we can't be beating this virus, or any virus, with some real practical solutions.  Like washing our hands properly.

By the way, here is where the information came from:

SOURCE: USA TODAY reporting; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; World Health Organization; Stanford Medical School; University of California at Davis; Dr. Donald Ford/Cleveland Clinic; Michigan State University 2013 study, “Hand Washing Practices in a College Town Environment”; USA TODAY research

NOTE: Results of hand-washing test are based on CDC recommendations and 2009 WHO study “WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care.”