Problem with Friends

Late Sunday night a buddy called me.

"Hey, what's up?"

We go through all the usual niceties, and then he tells me why he called.

"Remember those bars of soap you gave me a while back?"

Of course.  That was some time ago.

"I'd only been using them to wash my hands, you know, after using the bathroom."

Too much information, but fine.

"Well my wood splitter gas line split, and trying to patch it up I ended up getting covered in grease.  I decided to use your soap."

There was a pause, and I confess, I didn't know what to expect.

"Wow, that's great stuff.  My hands have never been this clean.  Even under the fingernails, and..."

He went on for a while.  I stopped him when he was giving me too much information (again), but it was a good feeling.

"Did you really invent this?  You should be selling this all over the place!"

Yes, I did.  And yes, I should.  Except I'm pretty good at inventing.  I kind of suck at selling.  Do you know anyone?

"I'll ask around.  Man, my hands have never been this good."

Try shaving with it, you might be surprised.

"I'm going to do that tomorrow.  See you around."

Even late at night, it's nice to get a call like that.  I just wish my friends would believe me a little bit more.  I also hope he uses our soap to get some of those stains out of his clothes.  He's single, and I usually don't say anything.

But when your friend's clothes start looking like forest camouflage, and they didn't start out that way, maybe it's time.