Florida Friend Finds New Use

A buddy of mine left the cold world here in the north for the sunny weather of Florida many years ago.  He's fairly brilliant, so I'm never surprised when he's come up with a great solution to some problem that he faces.  Let's call him Vin, because that's his name.

He's keeping himself busy by helping his son-in-law in a commercial cleaning business.  They come across all sorts of crazy dirt and fungus and algae that seems to grow over everything down there.

 A few days ago a door-to-door salesman stopped by Vin's, offering to power-wash the house.  It seems that Floridians power-wash their homes once a year to get rid of that layer of mold.  My friend explained that he could do it himself, but then asked the salesman if he'd like to see something cool.  The guy said, yes, he would.

Vin took the guy to the gutters on the side of the house, sprayed on his special solution from a generic spray bottle (find the recipe here), waited ten seconds, and wiped it off with a sponge.  Then Vin splashed some water on it with a hose, and wiped it dry.  Totally clean.

The salesman looked at the gutter, looked at Vin, then looked at the spray bottle Vin used.  Then he asked if he could buy some.

Vin laughed, and asked him if he'd like to see something even better.  The guy nodded yes.

Vin took him into the garage and pulled out his grease gun.

"Put out your hands," Vin said.  The guy backed away.

"I don't need that on my hands," he said.  Vin smiled.

"Trust me," Vin said.

The guy stuck out a hand and Vin squirted a dime-sized amount of grease into his palm.  With Vin's insistence, the sad salesman rubbed the grease all over his hands.  Once Vin was satisfied that the hands were entirely covered, he squirted a dime-sized amount of Earl's concentrated liquid soap onto his hands.

"I'll need some water," the guy said, looking up at Vin with wide eyes.  Vin smiled and told him to just start rubbing away.  The guy obeyed, and soon his hands were covered in thick, dark lather.

Vin took the guy over to the sink, turned on the water and let him rinse off.  A few moments later the guy looked at his cleaned hands with disbelief.  They were totally clean.  Vin turned the water off.

"My hands are still slippery, I need to keep rinsing," the guy said, still surprised at how clean his hands were.

"Wait a minute, and then we'll dry off," Vin said, smiling.  They waited, the guy still admiring his clean hands.  After about a minute, the guy looked back up at Vin.

The salesman said "They aren't slippery any more, just damp.  What is this?"

Vin explained that the lotion layer was still on his skin, and was giving it a moment to sink into the skin.  Once it was absorbed, drying the hands was easy.  The guy was speechless, drying his hands with the towel.  Then he looked back up at Vin.

The salesman looked back up at Vin and asked him, "I'd like to buy some of this, too."  Vin laughed.

"Sorry," Vin explained.  "I'm not selling.  But I can tell you where to buy this."

True story, Vin called and told me all this yesterday.  I told him that next time we need video.  (We do!)  But until then, this blog post will have to do.  Thanks for reading!