• Problem with Friends

    Friends can be a pain because they don't have to believe what I tell them about our soap.  Until that day when they (finally) get very very dirty.
  • Barcelona happenings

    First person account of what's happening in Barcelona during quarantine.
  • How my barber protects his hands

    Got a haircut last week, and gave my barber a bottle of UE 2L liquid.  He appreciated it, especially during this time of crazy virus going around. ...
  • Doctor's office March 3

    A visit to the doc's office results in showing off our product to some of the nurses there with extremely dry hands.  And with the coming crisis, it's not going to get better.
  • Florida Friend Finds New Use

    Florida buddy shows a traveling salesman how to use Earl's to not only take care of his skin, but also a way to clean his house in an environmentally safe manner.