Uncle Earl's celebrates Women Machinists

Uncle Earl’s® Hand Healing Soap™ for Women Machinists

Women have played a prime role in manufacturing when Rosie the Riveter represented women in the manufacturing industry during the 1940s.

Why Uncle Earls machinist soap:

  • Earth Friendly ingredients
  • Many factory employees suffer from hand and skin issues. This is the world's first natural soap that has been designed from the ground up to address these problems.
  • Strongest natural soap on the market. The only one powerful enough to remove industrial-grade dirt AND rehydrate your skin, at the same time.
  • Our secret two-part formula creates a rich hydrating lather; and also contains strong cleaning agents for the toughest stains, like grease and oil, cement, clay, and grass.
  • We make our soap using natural ingredients like soy and castor oils. None of them come from China. Our fragrances are real essential oils from lemons. We're PROUD of our ingredients, so we write them large.
  • Highly concentrated. Use a drop at a time. One gallon of Uncle Earl's is equal to FIVE gallons of the competition. Special metering wall dispensers are available.

"So our Customer Service person is in the shop today running parts. Given that her life is at a desk and her skin accordingly is pretty soft, an hour into her shift she complained of numerous small cuts from the aluminum she is machining. I told her to wash her hands with Uncle Earl's. She did and low and behold she now said her small cuts all closed up and that the coolant doesn't burn.
Awesome miracle stuff."

"Honestly, we've used the pumice based hand cleaners for years. Between that stuff and machine coolant, everyone had dry, cracked skin. With your liquid soap, those problems are gone. Love it."
Rich - Machine Shop Owner

Randy M. has had many problems with his hands cracking and severe irritation and had to wear gloves whenever he was around metalworking coolant. He decided to purchase 3 bars to see if it helped any. He said that he was using a hand cleaner called TKO which was a harsh abrasive with granules. He used Uncle Earl's soap and the condition completely cleared up. He now wants to purchase 2 - 6 packs.
As reported to us by Randy's distributor, Ken

Strong cleaning agents without abrasives

Hydrating compounds put liquid into your skin

One bar lasts as long as a gallon of common liquid soap

Foam cleans without added water

100% natural ingredients…

All natural ingredients include vegetable oils (like soybean, canola, and corn), pure coconut oil, other fatty acids derived from nutmeg, palm, coconut, and butterfat, pure castor oil, and a selection of all natural fragrances and natural fragrance blending compounds.

Get your hand-healing soap now ...

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