The science behind soaps power to kill the covid-19 virus

If you're like me, you've been washing your hands a bizillion - well, close to - times a day. Knowing the science behind how Uncle Earls soap is blowing up the covid-19 virus on my hands every time I wash is reassuring.

Read the following article from Vox about how Uncle Earls soap is annihilating the covid-19 virus, and other nasty bugs, on your hands as you wash them for the umpteenth time, it'll make washing for 20 seconds a breeze!

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  • I have been using this soap for years and just love it. It is effective but very gentle on my hands, plus my fingernails, which usually dry up and split during the winter, are intact! I definitely recommend it, especially the lavender concentrated liquid. Try it!

    Anne deConingh

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