May 13, Shopify removes Liberty-Foam™ from our store

Hello world,

Shopify's program sent me an email a little while ago informing us that it was "unpublishing" our Liberty-Foam.

It didn't give a specific reason, but says we may have been charging too much for it.  (We're not.). It also may be that we're making claims that we can't back up.  (We can back up all our claims.)

We already have a page on our site that addresses shopify's concerns.  And in all fairness to them, there are a lot of opportunists out there taking advantage of the situation.

We're not one of them.

Our product is a natural sanitizer that also happens to be good for your skin.  It costs you a little less than the fancy alcohol-based hand rubs on the market.

There's no way to contact shopify directly.  Their customer support is notoriously difficult to find.  So stay tuned.  Perhaps we'll find a new site to sell our newest product.



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