Introducing our new brand name... Commando Six

Hello friend, or friend of a friend,

Very good chance you're here because you're a friend of ours, or a FoaF.

In any case, we need your help.  We're going to rebrand our flagship product.

Now you might say, what's up with that?  But here's the deal.

Detergent soaps don't have a natural smell.  So companies add fragrance, and people are used to that.

Extremely powerful natural soaps, like ours, also come packed with strong odors that some people can smell.

Commando Six Soap label


Many people like our product, and that loyalty has kept UE going for all these years.  But it's time to see if we can go big time.

And that's where you come in.  We need you to look this label over, and let us know if it's the kind of product that would appeal to you.  Would you buy it?  Would you tell a friend.

Now there's an idea.  Please tell us, or who ever sent you this link, what you really thing.  I'll post comments below.  Also, if you can, please forward this to your other friends so that they can do the same thing.  The more eyes we can get on this, the more successful it can become.

And we're more than happy to share our success with all our friends.




  • How much of the original formula is going to change? I have been using it for years and the newest batch I got did not seem to cut the grease off my hands like the original formula did. I have always liked that it did not dry my skin out especially in the New York winters. I agree with others about the background and the trying to read the words?

    Ronald Corts
  • I am not a big fan of the ‘camo’ look, but of course some folks are so that issue is a toss-up in my opinion. I will buy the product because I’m a long time user and know how well it works. Needs to marketed effectively.

    Paul B
  • I like it
    Now market the hell out of it and let’s buy some warbirds.

    Ron F
  • For me personally this name / label does nothing. I’m not a fan of all the “camouflage” clothing that people wear and put on – it seems – just about everything. That said it seems there are plenty of folk that are fans since I see it everywhere. My opinion – if it is good – people will recommend it to their friends and that is the best growth. The issue as you know is how to get it in peoples hands in the first place so that they can realize it is a good product and then recommend it.
    On the label it reads “One once” probably want the word ounce.
    Does it really remove stains well? I seem to get stains on my best shirts. Might be good to have some in my laundry room instead of Shout!

    Larry A
  • Agree with Bill in that print on both sides is hard to read with camo background.

    I can envision it appealing to a segment of the population. Are military themed items popular with your target consumer? If not what is? Would a utilitarian look – black and white print – straight forward message appeal?

    Bob S

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