Covid and ventilation

Covid is spread by viral particles hitchhiking on airborne aerosols that can stay suspended in the air for hours upon hours.

"The risk of transmission is much lower outside than inside because viruses that are released into the air can rapidly become diluted through the atmosphere. Again, think of the smoke analogy, if you are outdoors and you could inhale a lot of smoke if the people near you were smoking, then there is more risk. This virology professor at UMD thinks he was infected while waiting in line, while the wind was parallel to the line. Hard to prove, but plausible. But again, outdoors is much safer than indoors."

Learn how to stay safe by reading the following science based articles:

MIT interview with Jose-Luis Jimenez, a chemistry professor at the University of Colorado Boulder

Staying safe with good ventilation and masks - the google document you must read!

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